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Product review: Deputy review

What is Deputy?

In this Deputy review, we saw that Deputy as the a comprehensive employee scheduling and time & attendance software product. It is a complete staff management toolkit so you can stop using cumbersome excel spreadsheets behind.

Deputy has the following features:

  • Fully costed employee schedules
    • Managers can publish schedules and notify employees over email, SMS or push notifications.
    • Employees can self manage their leave and unavailability.
    • Users can offer open shifts to select employees or entire workforce. This feature also allows employees to communicate between themselves and swap shifts, if need be.
    • Managers can monitor fatigue and overtime based on hours worked and employment agreement.
    • Managers can assign areas, roles and activities for all employees and multiple locations.
  • Time clock and timesheets
    • Easily capture start and end of shifts using Deputy’s iPad Kiosk or apps or even SMS.
    • Managers can review and approve timesheets.
    • Time billing, exporting to payroll and setting up pay rates is all managed inside Deputy.
  • In-app in-house communication
    • Replace emails and SMS with Deputy Newsfeed.
    • Create posts or send individual messages, attach documents and send employee notifications directly to employees.
  • Job tasking and performance
    • Deputy calculates overtime, penalty rates, loadings & salary costing with every shift according to your local laws, or your own workplace agreements.
    • Use the Deputy Mobile geolocation capability or the Deputy Kiosk’s face detection to ensure your employees are where they should be, every shift.
    • Use dynamic reports to track your schedule budgets, actual timesheet costs, sales transactions and other employee variables to keep your business on the fast track.

But wait there’s more…

One of the best reasons to get to using Deputy, is it’s powerful integrations. Not only does it integrate with your accounting and payroll software (such as Xero), but it also can be integrated with your POS software!

The power that this POS integration allows is incredible. There is a feature in Deputy that allows you to align and time your previous sales with the timing of your staffing costs. This will give you a snapshot as to whether you are required to put more staff on or reduce staff numbers for certain hours during trade. This one feature alone could be enough to save 1,000’s of dollars every year.

For any business that relies heavily on their staff to produce outcomes, or have a high number of casual or part time staff members, Deputy is all but a must have piece of software in our opinion. Starting at $1 per month per user, Deputy is an amazing piece of software.

If you would like more information about how Deputy could be used in your business, please contact us and we can assist in getting it set up.

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